Why tamper evidence works


security strip on dvd case

To see how tamper evident tapes work CLICK HERE

1. provide an extra level of security, instantly upon application

2. are simple to apply

3. can be used for brand protection, theft reduction and protection against counterfeiting

4. are a cost effective solution

5. can help clearly identify assets for maintenance and operational purposes

6. will improve tamper resistance by making tampering more difficult and more time consuming

7. provides and individual, customized solution

8. can seal an area, pallet, package or product after authorized checking had made secure

9. extra product branding opportunities with colors as well as overprinting with company logos

10. deliver added security with unique numbering for logging and tracking, as well as preventing fraudulent label replacement


Tampertech security seals and tamper evident tapes can be used on cardboard, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, polythene bags, crates, glass and even wood.

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